Hamilton police not talking about Lindenwald shooting incident, victim

Hamilton police are still not talking about a shooting in the Lindenwald neighborhood early Saturday afternoon.

Police have yet to release any information including the identity of the victim; whether the victim is alive or dead or any medical conditions on the victim despite multiple calls by Journal-News reporters. One person was transported to the hospital with a gunshot wound, according to preliminary information.

Police have been told to look for a black BMW with four men inside in connection with the shooting, according to scanner traffic on Saturday afternoon.

Two neighbors who live near the shooting occurred near Pleasant and Fairview avenue both said they heard multiple shots outside their homes.

One woman, Kandy Hutchins, said the rapid gunfire, six to seven shots, woke her from a nap on her living room couch and riled up her dogs. She told the Journal-News that she went to her front door window and grabbed her phone to call 911. Her Pleasant Avenue home overlooks the area where the shooting occurred.

Hutchins said she saw two men in hoodies get out of a black sedan and each of the men went on both sides of the silver Volkswagen and picked up things off the street. She said she could see the bulletholes in that car.

“It appeared that they were picking up the shell casings,” she said. “Things were happening so quick that I didn’t think to get a license plate number.”

Hutchins said police arrived about two minutes after she called 911 and later in the afternoon, she saw a crime scene investigation vehicle. She said police have not contacted her as of Sunday afternoon.

She said she’s lived in the neighborhood for nearly a decade and in her current residence for the past several years.

“It freaked me out,” she said. “I was all jacked up yesterday. I’ve never seen anything like that before. This is a pretty quiet neighborhood.”

A few doors down on Fairview Avenue, Sandy Miller said she also heard a a rapid fire of shots, maybe five or six.

Miller said she’s lived in the neighborhood for 60 years and said she has no plans on leaving. She also said she could not recall a shooting incident in the neighborhood.

“It’s always been a good neighborhood,” Miller said. “People will say ‘hi’ or wave and say ‘hello’ to each other but mind their own business and do their own thing.”

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