Footprints in snow lead police to at least one burglary in Butler County neighborhood

An officer on patrol in the 200 block of University Avenue at 10:20 a.m. Dec. 16 noticed footprints in the snow leading from the front door of one house to a neighboring house. That led to an investigation of a burglary in the area, according to a police report.

A door to the residence was found to be partially open.

The officer and a sergeant entered the residence and found a bedroom in disarray with belongings scattered about and drawers pulled out with contents dumped on the floor.

The sergeant secured that scene while the officer checked the area with those same footprints leading to other residences with a set of footprints paralleling a bicycle tire track. A black hockey bag was found behind a garage in the rear of a residence on West Vine Street. The bag had a shipping tag attached and a name of a person at the address originally found to be open. That same name was found on a package in the bedroom of the home.

Detectives were called while officers continued checking the neighborhood and found a television at the rear of a West Vine Street address. It was the same brand as a remote found in the hockey bag.

A tan-colored vehicle was seen in the alley on West Vine and was stopped. There were two men inside, who said they were looking for trash. They were identified and told that was against the city’s codified ordinances. They were described as nervous but sent on their way.

Detectives followed the tracks to Parkview Arms Apartments and later obtained a video of a male carrying a television down the alley on West Vine Street, while pushing a bicycle. The clothes worn by the suspect matched the description of clothes one of the two men was wearing at the time of the vehicle stop.

The officer contacted the victim who was identified through the tag on the hockey bag and package in the house which had been burglarized. He said he was in New York but would return to Oxford early to inventory his residence and determine what was missing and contact police.

The recovered property was placed into evidence. Investigation is continuing.

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