Fairfield inks 3-year deal for Red, White & Kaboom fireworks

Fairfield’s annual Red, White & Kaboom celebration will once again be highlighted with a Rozzi’s Famous Fireworks show — thanks to a new three-year contract.

It is the first time Fairfield officials have agreed to a multi-year contract since the city took over planning the Red, White & Kaboom event several years ago.

But another company was aiming to take over the firework ignition duties.

“Due to the popularity of the annual Red, White & Kaboom event, the city had received requests for the opportunity to bid the fireworks display from production companies in the Greater Cincinnati area,” said Fire Chief Don Bennett.

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Two one-year proposals were submitted by Arthur Rozzi Pyrotechnics and Rozzi’s Famous Fireworks.

Arthur Rozzi Pyrotechnics is a company that broke away from Rozzi’s Famous Fireworks a few years ago.

Rozzi’s Famous Fireworks also submitted a three-year contract, and city officials elected to award that bid, which will cost $42,000 per year.

“We saw an opportunity here to save a considerable amount of money,” said Bennett about the contract.

There’s also a “pretty concrete” opt-out clause where it won’t cost the city if leaders decide to not have a display during the course of the contract, he said.

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Fairfield has held an annual fireworks display on July 3 since the early 2000s, said Fairfield Parks Director Jim Bell.

“It’s Americana,” he said. “You need to celebrate the Fourth of July with fireworks, and we’re unique because you can see the fireworks show from just about anywhere in the city.”

That allows residents to choose if they want to watch the fireworks from the comfort of their yards, or at Harbin Park or Village Green, where live music is also played.

“It kind of lets the community celebrate The Fourth without all the logistical nightmares you may have,” Bell said.

Events are also held at Marsh Lake Park and the Fairfield Aquatic Center.

“It’s just a huge community party with fireworks involved,” Bell said.

Entertainment for this year’s event includes the Air Force Band of Flight at Village Green; Gee Your Band Smells Terrific at Harbin Park; and a DJ at the Fairfield Aquatic Center. Marsh Park will again host its Red, White and Fish event.

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