Fairfield businessman and Holocaust survivor, 94, ‘epitomized the American dream’

Sam Boymel, a successful Butler County businessman, died on Jan. 19. He was 94.

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Sam Boymel, a successful Butler County businessman, died on Jan. 19. He was 94.

A “true pioneer” of the Fairfield business community died recently.

Sam Boymel, who owned properties throughout Butler County, including three elderly care facilities, died on Jan. 19. He was 94.

Boymel, a Holocaust survivor, came to the United States with his wife Rachel and had $7 in his pocket, given to him by U.S. soldiers, said Andrea Thaman, corporate director of marketing and admissions at the care facilities.

“He epitomized the American dream,” Thaman said. “He turned that money into an empire.”

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In 1968, Boymel purchased Garden Manor in Middletown, then an eight-bed farmhouse operated by few full-time employees. Today, Garden Manor Extended Care on Ohio 4 has more than 300 beds. He also owned Tri-County Care Center that he purchased in 1978 and Fairfield Pavilion that he opened in 2001.

Boymel traveled daily between Garden Manor and Fairfield, always checking on his employees, making sure they had hot meals. He frequently brought in bagels and pastrami and wanted his employees to eat lunch with him.

He asked care center executives the same question every day: “What’s the census?”

Thaman described Boymel as a well-dressed, charming and kind man who always took care of others.

“A super guy,” she said. “A real sweetheart.”

His motto: “Never forget from where you came.”

Fairfield Chamber President Kert Radel called Boymel “a very important man in this community” and said he played a major role in the overall success of the business history.

He is survived by one son, Steve (Carol) Boymel; two daughters, Patsy (Barry) Kohn and Faye (Harold) Sosna; 12 grandchildren and 18 great-grandchildren. The funeral services were held at his family’s convenience.

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