Fairfield-based priest not indicted by grand jury over conduct with teens

A priest will face a review from his missionary home in Fairfield after a Kentucky grand jury declined to indict him in connection with allegations he acted inappropriately with teens.

According to a statement issued by John Stegeman, spokesman for the Glenmary Home Missioners in Fairfield, “a grand jury in Lewis County, Kentucky has declined to indict Glenmary Father Dave Glockner on allegations he touched two teens inappropriately in early August.

“The grand jury returned a ‘no true bill,’ which means it found no credible evidence that a crime was committed.”

In August, Glockner was ordered back from his ministerial work in Lewis County following the accusations.

Glockner, 84, first joined the Catholic religious society headquartered in Fairfield in 1962.

Stegeman said that “Glenmary fully cooperated with the authorities during the related investigation and informed the local law enforcement authority of the allegations against Father Glockner shortly after receiving them. With the investigation of civil authorities concluded, Glenmary, based on its own policies and procedures, will commission an investigation by an independent party.

“When completed the result of the investigation will be communicated to the President of Glenmary who will in turn share the result of the investigation with Glenmary’s Review Board. The Review Board will advise Glenmary’s Executive Council on whether or not they find the allegations to be credible.

“Until this process is completed, Father Glockner will continue to live at Glenmary’s residence in Fairfield, Ohio, and he will remain removed from public ministry.”

According to a statement in August by Laura Keener, spokeswoman for the Diocese, Glockner “has served the pastoral needs of Holy Redeemer Parish in Vanceburg, Kentucky as sacramental minister and parochial administrator,” since 2012.

“In those seven years, there have not been any allegations of inappropriate behavior against Father Glockner,” wrote Keener.

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