Fairfield-based priest under investigation for allegedly ‘inappropriately’ touching teens

A long-time priest from a Fairfield-based Catholic organization has been recalled from assignment in Kentucky after allegations he acted inappropriately with teenagers.

Glenmary Home Missioner Father David Glockner was ordered back from his ministerial work in Lewis County, Kentucky, Glenmary officials said Thursday.

Glockner, 84, first joined the Catholic religious society headquartered in Fairfield in 1962, said John Stegeman, spokesman for Glenmary Home Missioners.

The Vanceburg, Kentucky site of the alleged behavior is within the Northern Kentucky Diocese of Covington.

Officials with the Diocese of Covington released a statement Thursday saying they received reports on Tuesday “that Father Glockner had ‘inappropriately touched two high school students, both minors, while working on a service project in Lewis County.’”

Though Glockner does not work for the Diocese of Covington, officials there said the allegations have been reported to the Kentucky State Police.

According to a statement by Laura Keener, spokeswoman for the Diocese, Glockner “has served the pastoral needs of Holy Redeemer Parish in Vanceburg, Kentucky as sacramental minister and parochial administrator,” since 2012.

“In those seven years, there have not been any allegations of inappropriate behavior against Father Glockner,” wrote Keener.

She said the “removal from ministry is not substantiation of an allegation but is a part of safe environment protocols while the matter is investigated.”

The Diocese has reached out to a representative of the teens’ families to offer pastoral assistance, according to their statement.

Stegeman said as a representative of the Fairfield-based Glenmary Home Missioners, Glockner was not employed by the Diocese of Covington but ministering within the diocese’s boundaries in Kentucky.

“He was working with high school volunteers in helping poor people in the area (Vanceburg) on trailer homes needing repair,” said Stegeman.

He said Glenmary will conduct its own investigation after the Kentucky State Police investigate the allegations against Glockner, who remains stationed at the Glenmary site.

“The number one thing to know is that for now he has been removed from ministerial work,” said Stegeman.

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