Coronavirus: 42,422 total cases, 2,611 deaths reported in Ohio

The Ohio Department of Health is reporting 42,422 total coronavirus cases and 2,611 deaths attributed to the virus in Ohio.

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There has been 39,303 confirmed cases and 2,377 confirmed deaths in the state.

ODH is reporting a total of 7,051 hospitalizations and 1,797 ICU admissions due to the virus during the pandemic.

Gov. Mike DeWine announced Tuesday that the state’s basic reproduction number, also know as the R-naught number, was below one. The R-naught measures how many people one person with the virus is infecting.

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Combined ShapeCaption

The R-naught number for the Dayton region is 0.95, which means one person coronavirus is on average spreading it to 0.95 people.

He also said that guidelines for K-12 schools should be available in the next 10 days.

The governor said guidelines will be flexible, with most of the decision making being left to local school districts.