Carlisle buried baby trial: Key quotes and moments from the case of Brooke Skylar Richardson

The Brooke Skylar Richardson baby murder trial is being closely followed throughout the region and is being watched throughout the country in national coverage.


Here’s a look at some notable quotes from the trial, which continues:

"This is a massive rush to judgment." — Defense attorney Charles M. Rittgers said during statements before jury selections.

"I am literally speechless with how happy I am my belly is back OMG." — Richardson texted to her mother after having her baby

"How to get rid of a baby." — Richardson's internet search, before having her baby, according to investigators

"She went back to her perfect life." — Warren County Assistant Prosecutor Steven Knippen during opening statements, referencing Richardson's actions after the birth, including working out later that day.

"She thought she had time." — Charles M. Rittgers during opening statements about Richardson thinking she had time to tell parents later. She thought she had 10 weeks.


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"She said, 'I can't have a baby. I am going to college.'" — Richardson to Dr. William Andrew after learning she was pregnant in April 2017, according to testimony from Andrew.

"You need to tell me what's going on ... am I going to be arrested?" — Richardson during her first interrogation by police.

"My parents are going to kill me ... I didn't want to tell them, but now they are going to find out." — Richardson during the first interrogation.

"I never meant to hurt her. Am I going to be in trouble?" — Richardson during the first interrogation.

"This is the single worst possible scenario you could have put us in." — Scott Richardson, Richardson's father, during her first interrogation.

"Nothing that I can say, just by looking at the bones, that there was a live birth." — Dr. Susan Brown, who examined the remains, said in testimony. She ruled the death was caused by "homicidal violence" because of the totality of the evidence, she said.

"I don't think she was breathing and I squeezed her too hard." — Richardson during her second interrogation with investigators.

"Ill tell you all about it later but last night was like the worst ever and I didn't go to sleep till 5:30 but I feel soooooo much better this morning I'm happy." — Text from Richardson to then-boyfriend Brandon Saylor hours after she gave birth. Saylor said he didn't know Richardson was pregnant or that she had a baby. (Note: This quote is verbatim without correcting grammar).

"Indeed, early in the morning on May 7, (2017), at home in her bathroom alone, she delivered a stillbirth infant" — Dr. John E. White, of Mount Auburn OB-GYN, during testimony for the defense.

"She would never hurt another living being" — Scott Richardson during his testimony, speaking of his daughter.

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