Carlisle buried baby trial: Here are the 28 people who testified over 6 days

The defense rested its case in the murder trial of Brooke Skylar Richardson on Wednesday, ending six days of evidence presentation and testimony.

Here’s a look at the 28 people who testified for the prosecution and defense:

Wednesday, Sept. 11

• Chris Curry, an English teacher at Carlisle High School

• Ashley Brown, a former classmate of Richardson’s at Carlisle High School

• Dr. Stuart Bassman, a psychologist who examined Richardson and described a mental disorder that causes her to be predisposed to submit to authority

• Traci Reilich, a counselor at Carlisle High School

• Jackson Richardson, Richardson’s brother

• Annie Campbell, a friend of Richardson’s

• Dr. Mark LeVaughn, a forensic pathologist who said the mode and manner of the baby’s death is undetermined

• Joe Danzer, who created and showed to the jury a virtual tour of Richardson’s home

Tuesday, Sept. 10 

• Scott Richardson, Richardson’s father

• Dr. John E. White, of Mount Auburn OB-GYN, who testified about his opinion that Richardson delivered a stillborn baby

• Alan Hirsch, a professor at Williams College who studies interrogations and false confessions

• Leanna Lyons, who worked with Richardson at Atrium Family YMCA & Children's Center


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Monday, Sept. 9 

• John Faine, former Warren County Sheriff’s Office lieutenant, who interrogated Richardson twice. He is now retired. He was also first called to testify on Sept. 5

• Brandon Saylor, Richardson’s boyfriend at the time she gave birth

• Chris Wong, Warren County Sheriff’s Office detective who pulled information from devices and cell phones in the case

Friday, Sept. 6 

• Dr. Susan Brown, a forensic pathologist and the Montgomery County Coroner's Office, who testified the baby died from ‘homicidal violence’

• Dr. Krista Latham, a forensic anthropologist from the University of Indianapolis who did a second evaluation of the baby's remains

• Dr. William "Kim" Brady, a fetal medical specialist who testified about his determination of the health of Richardson’s baby for the prosecution

Thursday, Sept. 5

• Amy Dallaire, an Ohio Bureau of Criminal Investigation lab technician, who did DNA testing on the baby's remains

•  Faine, who testified for the first of two times in the case

Wednesday, Sept. 4 

• Trey Johnson, the father of Richardson's baby

• Ashley Sparkman, a medical assistant at Hilltop OB-GYN, who testified about Richardson’s April 2017 visit during which she learned she was pregnant

• Dr. William Andrew, the OB-GYN who told Richardson she was pregnant in April 2017

• Allison Campbell, an employee of Hilltop OB-GYN, who was asked by Andrew to follow up on prenatal care, but who said she couldn’t reach Richardson

• Dr. Casey Boyce, from Hiltop OB-GYN, whom Richardson told in July 2017 that she had her baby in secret

• Kelly McKay, a Warren County Sheriff's Office deputy who searched Richardson’s home and backyard in July 2017

• Sarah Vaught, a Warren County Sheriff’s Office deputy who also searched Richardson’s home and backyard

• John Smith, a Warren County Sheriff's Office deputy who searched Richardson’s home

• Dr. Russell Uptegrove, Warren County Coroner

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