Butler County juvenile charged after video shows punching, vandalism of school’s ‘little library’

Credit: Submitted

Credit: Submitted

Oxford police charged a juvenile with criminal mischief after surveillance video at Kramer Elementary showed the juvenile damaging the “Little Free Library” book stand at the school, according to a police report.

Police were called to the school May 28 by Principal Jason Merz who said the books had been scattered over the area and the door ripped off the stand. The video showed the juvenile attempting to push the stand over and even punching it in an effort to break it off.

The book stand had previously been located close to the street at the school’s driveway entrance but damage had occurred several times at that location and it was moved near the school entrance so it would be in view of the surveillance camera.

The responding officer identified the offender and contacted the father of the juvenile.

The juvenile was charged with criminal mischief. A copy of the surveillance video was provided to the police as evidence.

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