Butler County finance director abruptly resigns

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Butler County finance director talks about debt-free plan for the next county budget.

Credit: DaytonDailyNews

Butler County finance director Tawana Keels abruptly resigned this week, just months before the county’s entire general fund debt will be erased.

County Administrator Judi Boyko sent a letter to staff on Wednesday about the resignation.

“I know you join me in wishing her the very best in her future professional and personal endeavors and join me in thanking her tremendously for her dedication to Butler County,” Boyko wrote. “Her contribution to the County’s financial solvency and professionalism will be remembered and revered for years to come.”

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Keels could not immediately be reached for comment.

Commissioner T.C. Rogers said the resignation came as a surprise and Keels did not give the commissioners a reason for her departure.

“I didn’t know she was going to quit,” he said. “There was no specific event that prompted it.”

Keels took charge of the county’s finances in early 2013 and announced a general fund debt-free plan during budget hearings two years later.

During her budget hearing in 2015, Keels presented the commissioners with a plan, which they approved, to have the entire general fund debt paid off by the end of this year. Accelerated payments have enabled the county to erase the debt that stood at $91.3 million in 2009.

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