Butler County Fair adds more features for 2020, including demolition derby

The latest news from the once-canceled Butler County Fair has it now planning to open to the public during evenings for food, some games and an annually popular event: the demolition derby.

That’s the latest from Doug Turner, president of the Butler County Fair Board, who said Wednesday county health officials have approved a partial opening for the public after 5 p.m. during the week of the fair from July 26 through July 31.

Credit: Nick Graham

Credit: Nick Graham

The fair was originally closed as part of state health officials orders as a preventative measure to curtail the spread of the coronavirus.

But since those initial state orders of closure a large number of businesses and attractions in Ohio have been allowed to reopen in the past several weeks.

A modified schedule of the popular youth livestock showings at the fair will still take place but without general public access.

But Turner said fair officials are in negotiations to have the livestock shows broadcast on local cable TV or social media. There will be no in-person, livestock auctions.

Fair officials are setting up a donation program, where buyers and others interested in supporting the young livestock raisers can directly contribute money to the children via an online program.

Being able to open some parts of the fair – there will be no amusement rides this season - for limited hours will help lessen the financial loses, said Turner.

“It will help everybody to make some money and that will help everybody a lot,” he said.

“Right now funds for the 2021 fair are tight,” said Turner.

The Butler County Fair, which is held in Hamilton, has been operating since 1851.

The fair’s demolition derby is now scheduled to be held on Friday evening of July 31, but social distancing will be maintained by using only half the seats in the grandstand.

Fans this year will also have the option of standing viewing from around the enclosed pen where cars crash into one another until only one is left as the winner.

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