5 things to know about the ongoing Hamilton superintendent leave story

Hamilton Schools Superintendent Tony Orr remains on leave but the reasons why are also still absent from the public.

The board has issued general statements but few details regarding the rare action it took in placing Orr on leave.

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Here are five things to know about where things stand:

1. Orr isn't talking. After an initial statement released last week – hours after the school board's first statement about his being placed on leave — Orr has not responded to requests to comment.

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In his only statement to date, Orr said he did not know the nature of the allegations against him and expressed confidence he will be exonerated and returned to his superintendent’s job.

2. The school board isn't talking. Board President Steve Isgro has issued statements on behalf of the board – including noting an independent investigation is looking into whatever alleged allegations – and spoken only general terms about Orr's status. Board members have not revealed who is conducting the investigation.

3. To date the school board has issued three written statements regarding Orr's leave. One, an internal notice placed in Orr's personal file, which this news outlet obtained through an Ohio Records request, and two released publicly. Two of the three board statements allude to allegations of violation of school board policy. The internal memo in Orr's file referenced "allegations of misconduct."

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4. Parents have said they want him back. At the first meeting of the school board since it announced Orr's leave, held on Tuesday, about a half-dozen supporters of the superintendent spoke on his behalf, urging the board to return him to office.

5. The board said allegations do not involve students. This news outlet has checked repeatedly with Hamilton police to see if they are conducting any investigation involving Orr in any manner and officials there said no. Isgro has stressed the allegations do not involve any accusations of misconduct with students.

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