She thought she might get sick. Instead, this Middletown school bus driver saved a student’s life.

School bus driver Kim Plott makes sure to drive at safe, controlled speeds, but a choking child in the back of her bus had her dashing into action.

The Middletown school bus operator’s quick moves last month saved a student’s life as she was able to dislodge a piece of candy from the choking student’s throat by performing the Heimlich maneuver.

Last week Plott was honored by the Middletown Board of Education last week during its public meeting.

Plott, who works for Petermann Transportation company, which supplies buses and drivers for the Butler County school system, said she sometimes freezes up “in tense situations like that.”

But she didn’t, though afterwards Plott joked with the board that she thought she might get sick because of the intense situation. “I thought I was going to (get sick) honestly.”

“I was taught the Heimlich maneuver and it really came in handy,” she said.

Keith Harms, area director of safety for Petermann, joined Plott at the board meeting in honoring her bravery.

“This (school bus driving) can be a very tough business and very stressful. Thank you so much Kim for your actions that day. We are very, very proud of you,” said Harms.

Middletown Schools, through its contract with Petermann, provides 49 buses to transport 3,650 students each school day.

Chris Urso, president of the school board, said “you responded like a hero.”

“You were brave and you were calm. We are grateful you were on that bus on that day,” said Urso.

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