Miami building’s major renovation includes new art

New artwork was installed this week at the newly renovated Shideler Hall as part of the Ohio Percent for Arts Program.

In 1990, the Ohio Legislature established the program, which provides funds for the acquisition, commissioning and installation of works of art for certain new or renovated public buildings. Whenever the legislature appropriates more than $4 million for a public building, the law requires one percent of the total appropriation to be allocated for artwork.

Shideler Hall, which houses Miami's geography department, recently wrapped up an estimated $25 million in renovations.

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The new artwork is called “Flux.” The artists are Amy Baur and Brian Boldon of In Plain Sight Art, based in Minneapolis, Minn.

It features handmade porcelain, and the glass art was invented in Germany and England for tableware, according to university officials. Images are projected onto porcelain tiles, glazed and fired. Using a silicone adhesive, the tiles are attached to aluminum backing and are hung on the wall.

The images are of Earth, distressed landscapes and sustainability representing the geologic process, according to Miami officials. The artwork is comprised of 165 units 28 inches wide by 10 inches tall in 13 rows.

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