A logo change signals big growth for Butler Tech

The fast-growing Butler Tech career school district is adding a new logo for new branding.

Officials with the rapidly expanding school system that serves both Butler County high school students and adults said a new logo is needed to reflect the changing institution.

The new branding will include “BT” to better reflect how students know and talk about the brand. The logo redesign reflects the school’s mission to transform lives by making students career-ready and college-prepared.

The arc has been updated to a “swoop,” which signifies a transformational pathway with forward momentum and energy. That momentum is further reinforced with the vibrancy of the color orange, which combined with blue, provides a contemporary evolution of the previous gold and black.

The new brand identity is rooted in feedback from the Butler Tech community, emerging from extensive research and discussions with students, parents, staff, and community partners. These interviews offered powerful comments about how Butler Tech is perceived as bold, flexible, smart, and inspiring.

The logo was designed in partnership with Cincinnati-based agency Northlich.

“We undertook this journey to ensure that our visual identity is a meaningful representation of the Butler Tech brand,” said Michael Beauchat, director of school and public relations for Butler Tech.

“Our partnership with Northlich has led to an exciting, modern aesthetic that better reflects who we are as a brand and helps bring to life the possibilities, opportunity, and passion that are part of the Butler Tech experience.”

Recent years have seen Butler Tech expand its campus locations.

In 2015 the career school opened the $16 million Bioscience Center school in West Chester Township with plans to expand to more buildings on the new campus that overlooks Interstate 75 at the Cincinnati-Dayton Road interchange.

Last year, Butler Tech officials announced the purchase of a portion of the former Americana Amusement Park in Monroe. The $2.75 million purchase of 36 acres along the western border of Monroe will lead to a new adult education campus for the career school system.

And for the first time in the career school’s history, classes are being offered to high school sophomores in Butler County.

The school system serves more than 14,000 students daily on Butler Tech’s five campuses and in classrooms within our 10 associate school districts. Butler Tech also serves adult students with programs in healthcare, industry, public safety, commercial trucking, drone piloting, high school diploma programs, and English as a Second Language.

Beauchat said “Butler Tech’s new branding will begin appearing in the community in phases, starting in February with some of the district’s digital assets. Additional changes will be introduced over summer in preparation for the 2018-2019 school year.

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