Hamilton school board tours large Spooky Nook site to gauge benefit for students

The governing board of Hamilton city schools recently received its first tour of the construction site for the massive $171 million Spooky Nook Sports Champion Mill indoor sports complex.

The sprawling complex now under construction near the western banks where the Great Miami River passes through the city is scheduled to open in late 2021 as North America’s largest indoor sports training and competition complex.

On some weekends, 10,000 or more athletes and their families are expected to travel to Hamilton from several-hour drives away.

The board is now thinking about how the facility could also impact the district’s 10,000 students.

“It’s still very much a construction site but once completed we are going to be blown away,” said Hamilton Board of Education member Shaquila Mathews after the board’s tour last week.

“It was very enlightening and allowed us to view it under construction to see all the possibilities and imagine what’s to come for our city and the impact. I feel everyone was pleased with everything and as it relates to the students this will be able to extend beyond the classroom a place for them to train and gather with friends and family.”

School Board Vice President Laurin Sprague echoed Mathews’ eagerness for the progress, opening and impact on local schools.

“We were all impressed, by not only the immensity of what is to come,” Sprague said.

“I think many people believe that Spooky Nook is only going to be used by visitors to our city but in reality, the fitness areas, restaurants and entire facility will be available to all, including Hamilton students and families.”

Mike Holbrook, superintendent of Hamilton Schools, also came away impressed.

“This extensive facility will prove to be an invaluable resource to the entire Hamilton community and the district is looking forward to the positive impact it will have,” he said.

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