Hamilton residents ask board for answers about superintendent still on leave

The questions over the absence of Hamilton school leader Tony Orr continue.

But the answer remains the same - with members of the school board that placed him on leave saying they can’t comment.

Tuesday evening’s school board meeting was again marked by residents asking for an explanation as to why Orr was ordered on leave last month and when will he be returned to leading the 10,000-student school system.

The Hamilton Board of Education placed Orr on paid leave Feb. 5, citing a private, independent investigation into alleged violations of school board policies.

The board said no students are involved and Hamilton police have told this news outlet they are not conducting any criminal investigation involving Orr.

Steve Isgro, president of the school board, responded during the meeting.

“We go by the direction of the school board attorney, and he meets with the (independent) investigator. And when he gets the information, we get the information. And that information we just don’t have yet,” said Isgro.

“I wish we did. I wish we could tell people more but we have to follow the confidentiality of the investigation.”

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