Hamilton becomes latest district to build personality through Twitter hashtag

If it hasn’t already, chances are your local school system is looking for a memorable slogan to attach to their name.

It’s not only local school pride but rather the latest in a trend of public school districts adopting private sector marketing techniques to establish their “brand.”

Hamilton Schools are the latest district in Butler County to up their marketing game.

Last week Hamilton Schools Superintendent Mike Holbrook jumped on to social media with photo of a banner, which students and school families will see in the city schools in the coming school year.

Building on the schools’ already beloved “Big Blue” nickname, Holbrook unveiled the district’s new social media slogan hashtag “Big Blue On The Move.”

Banners will also include the mission statement “Together, Positively Impacting Learning and Life.”

Holbrook said the slogan and mission phrase came after tapping into community input.

“This revised mission reflects what our educators and support staff do on a daily basis - positively impact lives. Each building will be displaying this mission with a school banner in the lobby or highly visible location,” he said.

The new banners in schools “reinforces our plan, purpose and people,” because, Holbrook said, “Big Blue is certainly on the move.”

Madison Schools’ Twitter hashtag is “goodtobeamohawk.”

Warren County’s Kings Schools employ hashtag “kingsstrong.”

Marlon Styles Jr., superintendent of Middletown Schools, introduced “MiddieRising” from his first days as leader of that city’s school system.

The slogan has since been incorporated into almost every speech and public communications by Styles and other district officials.

Later came the addition of “#ThisIsWe” and a visitor to any of Middletown’s school buildings will often find these two slogans displayed.

Two years ago, one of the many changes then new superintendent Matt Miller brought to Lakota Schools was the district’s first Twitter hashtag “WEareLakota.”

There’s more to the slogan than appears, said Lakota Spokeswoman Betsy Fuller.

Chosen by a social media poll of district residents, it has also proven popular and effective, said Fuller.

“Since being introduced, the hashtag has taken on a life of its own and has become a main identifier of our district brand. The ‘W’ and ‘E’ are capitalized to not only represent Lakota’s West and East high schools, but to demonstrate a sense of unity among throughout our district,” she said.

“In the last 24 hours, #WEareLakota has been shared about 120 times on Twitter in the middle of the summer. It’s become a very powerful tool for relationship building and information sharing.”

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