Governor’s office to visit Madison schools to discuss armed teacher program

The decision to arm teachers in a Butler County school district has drawn the attention — and a coming visit — from personnel in the Ohio governor’s office, school officials said Friday.

Representatives of Gov. Mike DeWine will come to Madison schools on Tuesday. The visit has been scheduled for weeks, since before the district won a court victory against a group of parents who challenged the district’s level of training needed for armed staff, according to the governor’s office.

The school district has led all other southwest Ohio school systems in moving aggressively to allow teachers and other school staffers who volunteer access to firearms during the school day.

Madison schools Superintendent Lisa Tuttle-Huff confirmed the visit by those from the governor’s office personnel.

Officials in DeWine’s office were not available to comment on the visit.

“As we continue to strive for safer schools for all students, we plan to have dialogue with the governor’s office concerning additional methods of improving school safety and security,” said Tuttle-Huff.

The Madison Schools’ campus, which houses grades kindergarten through 12, was the site in 2016 of a student shooting that saw a teen wound three classmates with a handgun.

Last spring the governing school board there approved a plan that would allow some staffers who possess Ohio Concealed Carry Weapon permits and proper training to have access to guns during their work day.

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The Journal-News will report more on this was information becomes available.

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