Butler County home to big high schools: What you need to know

Next month Butler County’s high schools will reopen for the new school year.

And that means some of Ohio’s largest high schools will be swinging wide their doors.

Of Ohio’s 10 largest high schools, three are in Butler County. Here are

1. Butler County home of some of Ohio’s largest high schools:

Lakota Schools, which is the 8th largest public school system among Ohio’s 213, has two of the state’s largest high schools in Lakota East – 3rd largest at 2,600 students, and Lakota West – 5th with 2,300 students.

Lakota’s total district enrollment of 16,500 also makes it the largest suburban school system in Southwest Ohio and the second biggest district after Cincinnati Public Schools.

2. Butler County has other big schools:

Also big in Butler County and Ohio are: Fairfield High School – 6th with 2,100 students; Hamilton High School – 7th at 1,890 students, and Middletown High School — 15th with an enrollment of 1,560.

3. Southern Warren County home to the largest:

Mason High School, which is just a few miles from Butler County’s eastern border in Deerfield Township, is the largest high school in the state with an enrollment of 3,500.