Little Miami Middle School student arrested for having ammunition, making ‘safety threats’

MORROW — A Little Miami Middle School student was arrested Wednesday for having ammunition and making threats, Little Miami Local Schools said.

The student was arrested Wednesday morning by the Hamilton Twp. Police Department “due to the discovery of live ammunition in their personal effects and for making generic safety threats” to the middle school.

The school district said there was no firearm found and Hamilton Twp. police said there’s no active or credible threat to the school.

“Little Miami has absolutely zero tolerance for having these unsafe and inappropriate items on any of our campuses,” the district said. “(Little Miami) Administration is working in coordination to further investigate and disciplinary action will be taken as appropriate.”

It is unclear what exact criminal charges would be brought against the student.

District officials said they are encouraging parents to speak to their children and help them understand that these behaviors will not be tolerated.

“We implore families to keep firearms, ammunition and other items inappropriate for children to be locked and out of reach,” the district said. “If students bring these items to school, there will be serious legal and disciplinary consequences.”

The district also said those that hear or see concerning comments or behavior should act to notify law enforcement, building administration or counselors as appropriate. Anonymous tips also may be reported on the Little Miami Local Schools website or by calling or texting 1-844-723-3764.

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