Hamilton’s ‘iconic’ Taylor School escapes wrecking ball, for now

The old Taylor School in Hamilton’s Lindenwald neighborhood was approved for demolition, but the neighborhood organization PROTOCOL is trying to save the “iconic landmark site” from the wrecking ball.

Frank Downie, leader of People Reaching Out To Others: Celebrating Our Lindenwald (PROTOCOL), said the group has asked the city to look at other options for the 110-year-old school building on Corwin Avenue.

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“We’re trying to save it if we can,” Downie told the Journal-News. “I just don’t think we can keep tearing iconic landmarks down and still keep the flavor of Hamilton.

“I love what’s going on with the renewal in Hamilton, but I’m almost 70 years old and I love some of the old stuff too.”

The Butler County land bank board agreed to pay $37,500 toward the $75,000 cost to tear down the old school last summer.

Kathy Dudley, executive director of the Butler County land bank, said the demolition is on hold.

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