3 life lessons we could all learn from Fairfield’s ‘Superbubz’

Cancer-stricken youngster Walter Herbert touched the lives of many during his short life.

The Fairfield Central Elementary student, who went by the nickname of “Superbubz” — and for many embodied a superhero’s courage — died Friday morning at his home after a two-year battle with Stage 4 Neuroblastoma Cancer.

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Here are three things all of us could learn from the Fairfield youngster and the way he lived:

1. Keep a passion for life, for learning

“No matter how sick he was, he always maintained a smile that would light up the room. His love for school and his passion for life will never be forgotten,” said Central Elementary Principal Karrie Gallo, who was close to Walter and his family.

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2. Enjoy the day-t0-day things

“He has really inspired the students in his (class)room to just be happy and to just enjoy the day-to-day things we all take for granted,” Gallo said in September, when she organized an experience for Walter to “graduate” through all 12 grades.

3. Support each other

Fairfield school parent Cindy Thompson said she never knew of Walter before all the media attention of recent weeks.

She took time last month to celebrate his extraordinary life during a special graduation ceremony set up just for the spirited boy.

“In some ways this prompts others to look at each other and support each other,” Thompson said.

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