Letter to the editor: Why I’m a Republican voting for Biden

One of the perks of being a registered Republican in Butler County is that it is not hard to find other registered Republicans. If you do not find one when you’re at a family dinner or the local bar, just take a drive around the block and count the number of “TRUMP 2020” signs you see.

But why is Trump so popular — especially when he has done nothing to truly help the Miami Valley?

I know, first-hand, how much white folks of the Miami Valley miss the economic prosperity, job security and overall sense of community that our region had when they were growing up, getting their first job or deciding to raise a family of their own. Over a period of years, the region’s industrial jobs disappeared. Disposable incomes vanished, so too did the businesses supported by middle-class wages. The reality, however, is that America has changed and things aren’t going back to the way they were. Instead, we have to march forward as a nation united towards the future because the more we rely on Trump, the more we destabilize our entire system of government. I understand that some folks believe Trump is the best shot to keep either keep the final barriers protecting our nation from the rising tide of globalization from collapsing, or the last chance to restore the idealized America of your youth, but you have to see what’s going on here.

If you truly consider the America of your youth and think about each President, not one of them made it unclear about whether they would leave office if defeated in an election. The men in question — Truman, Eisenhower, Kennedy, Nixon, Ford, Carter and Regan — were a lot of things. Wannabe autocrat wasn’t one of them. Now, in an attempt to reclaim an era that belongs to the past, a sizable number of my fellow Republicans are willing to back a President that questions the reliability of our elections and, who, just this week confirmed that he believes flat-out fraud will be the only explanation for why he would lose come Election Day.

When did we start letting a President say things like that? My issue is this: it is irresponsible and wrong of the President to act as if voting for Biden is dangerous to America. He won’t take away your guns. He won’t raise your taxes to never-before-seen levels. He won’t force you to stay in quarantine for the rest of time. Let us also not forget that Trump refuses to condemn white supremacy. That in of itself is a reason not to vote for him. There is nothing inherently superior about white folks. Case closed. So, we must ask ourselves this question: other than stoking the fears you have about brown-skinned people, liberal Americans and questioning the legitimacy of our republic, what has Donald Trump done for you?

The President has only stoked your fears and made you believe anybody that stands against him is a threat to your way of life.

Folks, he is the threat that jeopardizes our way of life.

That is why I am a registered Republican voting for Joe Biden.

Jonathan Tyler Baker is a resident of New Miami.