Lakota board member accuses board colleague of assault

A Lakota Local Schools board member has accused a board colleague of allegedly assaulting her while she filmed him after a recent board meeting.

Lakota Board of Education member Darbi Boddy claims fellow member Isaac Adi struck her hand holding her phone as the two were leaving an executive session board meeting on June 13.

Boddy accuses Adi of insulting her moments earlier on the video posted on social media Friday by Boddy.

“Did you say my brain is empty, Isaac,” she said, according to the audio of the video shot by Boddy as Adi is walking out the Central Office headquarters of the Lakota school system.

Adi continues to walk out the front door and retorts “I did not say that,” which Boddy then disputes.

The video filmed by Boddy then appears to show Adi as she moves alongside him and places her mobile device closer to him. Video appears to then show him saying “you are videoing me?”

And Boddy’s phone is then apparently shook as if touched by Adi.

To which Boddy then says to Adi: “Don’t assault me.”

“You just assaulted me,” she said.

Adi then asks why she is videoing him.

“Because you speak very badly to me. You told me my brain was empty.”

The video shows Adi then responding — as he continues to walk into the central office’s parking lot to his car — asking “where did I say that?”

And Boddy responds: “Just now right outside the door. That’s what you said Isaac so now you’re lying because you know you are being caught doing something you are not supposed to be doing,” and the video clip, as provided by Boddy, then ends.

When contacted by the Journal-News, Boddy said she has filed a complaint with the Butler County Sheriff’s Office against her former running mate. In fall 2021 they ran together as both pursued first-time seats on Lakota’s governing board.

Boddy said: “I did my due diligence as a citizen and brought attention to the aggressive and repetitive behavior of Isaac Adi by filing a police report and informing the community of his behavior.”

But Boddy added, “I do not wish to pursue any action further.”

Lakota Schools spokeswoman Betsy Fuller said: “We are aware of allegations by one board member against another. We understand that this has been turned over to the Butler County Sheriff’s Office and would request that any questions be directed to them.”

According to records obtained from the Butler County Sheriff’s office, Boddy filed a complaint with deputies on June 17.

The complaint records Boddy as claiming Adi said to her after the June 13 meeting: “Your brain is empty.”

Boddy told deputies taking her complaint she then pulled out her phone and started recording Adi.

Boddy, according to the complaint, “states the suspect asked “are you recording me” and that (is) when the suspect slapped her left hand that held her cell phone.”

When contacted Adi said Boddy “is trying to be a victim.”

“If you look at that video, I was running away from Darbi … I don’t know what she wants from me.”

Other school board members have not responded to requests to comment on the alleged incident.

In October 2022, Adi was filmed after a school board meeting by a school parent who attended the gathering and the two got into a verbal confrontation.

Adi then appeared to grab the camera phone of another person filming the argument.

Boddy’s time on the board since joining as a member in January 2022 has been contentious and has seen her clash with colleagues over a number of topics. Later in 2022, the other four members voted for a resolution calling for her to resign and another resolution officially censuring her.

The board is conducting interviews with three finalists for Lakota’s superintendent’s job and will hold a series of Q&A meetings for the public to meet the candidates Tuesday at Lakota West High School.

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