WATCH: Crews top highest point of new Kings Island giga-coaster Orion

Kings Island’s first giga coaster was topped out mid-morning Wednesday.

Construction crews hoisted a 25,100-pound piece of Orion track, completing the lift hill and highest point of the new coaster.

The massive 300-foot-drop coaster is on schedule and set to debut next spring, officials said. It will be the fastest and tallest coaster at Kings Island, and one of only seven giga coasters on the planet. Those are a group of coasters that have a height or drop of 300 to 399 feet.

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All the steel for the ride should be in place by the end of January, and the park is expected to start running the ride for tests in February.

The new coaster will replace Firehawk, a coaster that was demolished following the 2018 season.

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