KFC is back in Middletown! New restaurant rises from rubble of demolished eatery

A new KFC opened today at 2211 N. Verity Parkway in Middletown on the site of one that closed there in early 2017.

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The restaurant, which has hired more than 30 employees, is still accepting applications for new hires, according to Matt Saunders, director of development/construction for RGT Management Inc., a Memphis, Tenn.-based food service company.

KFC’s previous location was built in 1971, according to Butler County Auditor’s Office records. It was demolished in January, Saunders said.

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“KFC brand is doing a nationwide reimage to old assets, and we felt like the city of Middletown deserved an upgrade to the old asset,” he said.

The new building features a dining room that can accommodate more than 30 people. The former restaurant only had a seating capacity for eight customers. The new layout of the building will also improve flow through the drive through, according to Saunders.

RGT manages more than 70 restaurants — including Taco Bell, Long John Silver’s, Kentucky Fried Chicken and Pizza Hut — in Tennessee, Missouri, Ohio, Mississippi, Alabama, Illinois and Kentucky.

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