Kasich on Trump: ‘This is why I didn’t support him, why I didn’t go to convention’

Ohio Governor John Kasich and Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders were scheduled to debate health care, economics and education on Tuesday - that changed.

Due to reports President Donald Trump had shared Israeli intelligence about the Middle East with the Russians, and reports James Comey wrote a memo stating Trump asked him to drop his investigation into Michael Flynn, the two participated  in a joint town hall before an audience at CNN.

“We find ourselves in a serious situation,” Kasich said. “I don’t like people who say, ‘I told you so,’ but this is why I didn’t support him in primary, why I didn’t go to the convention.”

Kasich said the issues surrounding  Trump’s presidency are serious, but it’s still early. Sanders was more vehement, wanting an independent prosecutor. Kasich had reservations for an independent prosecutor, believing a select committee of Democrats and Repulicans among Congress and the Senate would work better, citing the experiences Ken Starr said he had while investigating Bill Clinton in the 1990s, and how the appointment inflamed the issue.

The Ohio Governor was firm on wanting explanations for Trump’s behavior, and expressed the importance of Republicans showing themselves on TV and being responsible on the issue, and hoped Democrats didn’t try to use Trump’s troubles for political gain.

Sanders and Kasich disagreed at times, but were agreeable throughout most of the hour-long town hall. Host Dana Bash stated responses from viewers were overwhelmingly positive, including some hoping they would run together on the same ticket in 2020.

Coverage of the town hall from Ohio Politics:

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