Judge: Woman remains incompetent to stand trial in Hamilton baseball bat slaying

Camp will be back in court Aug. 23 for evaluation hearing after treatment.

After three months of mental health treatment, a woman charged with murder for allegedly hitting a man with a baseball bat in Hamilton remains incompetent to stand trial a Butler County judge has ruled.

Misty Camp, 26, was indicted in December for felonious assault and murder for the alleged attack of Donald McDonald on Oct. 31, according to Hamilton police and court records.

Butler County Common Pleas Judge Michael Oster set bond for Camp at $250,000. At the arraignment, the judge also ordered a psychological competency evaluation.

“Counsel has reason to believe that Ms. Camp may have mental disease or defect that made her unable to understand the wrongfulness of her acts at the time of her alleged offenses, unable to fully comprehend the proceedings in this court at this time and/or unable to assist counsel in preparation and defense of her case,” Camp’s attorney, Danielle Colliver, said in a motion requesting the evaluation.

Based on the evaluation, Oster found Camp incompetent to stand trial on Feb. 1, but ruled she could be restored to competency with treatment. Camp will undergo treatment at Summit Behavioral Heath in Cincinnati.

Camp was back in court May 3 for a re-evaluation, where based on an updated evaluation, Oster found Camp remains incompetent but restorable.

“There remains a substantial likelihood the defendant can be restored to competency allowed by law,”

Camp was returned to Summit Behavioral Health and is scheduled to be back in court Aug. 23 for an evaluation hearing after treatment.

McDonald, 73, was found on the ground bleeding from the head and unresponsive in the rear of 127 Ludlow St. during the morning hours. He was taken to an area hospital and died on Nov. 11.

In a 911 call, Camp identified herself to dispatchers and asked for help because she said a man named Don was threatening her.

“He just came up and was getting in my face, screaming his (expletive) at me and saying he is going to beat the (expletive) out of me and pointing,” Camp said.

Then sounds of a commotion and screaming break out on the call.

“Now he has got a baseball bat,” Camp told dispatchers. “He’s beating me with it.”

Camp said she was hit on the arm and requested an ambulance. Then walking or running is heard and heavy breathing is heard on the 911 call.

Officers arrived and found Camp holding a baseball bat, according to the report. When officers exited the cruiser, Camp said she “knocked him out.” She then told police McDonald was out back and again said, “I knocked him out.”

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