Jobs alert: Warren County company hiring following expansion, jobs deal

A company that recently announced a major expansion project is hiring new employees.

Rhinestahl Corporation, which has its headquarters in Mason, is a privately held company serving diverse markets globally through two complementary business units.

Founded in 1967, it has more than 180 employees with approximately 10 percent located internationally, according to spokesman Kevin Gold. It has operated within Mason since 2009.

A deal reached Sept. 10 between Rhinestahl Corporation and the city of Mason will pave the way for a new $14 million global headquarters and the addition of 100 jobs over the course of five years.

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Rhinestahl Customer Tooling Solutions is the world’s leading solutions provider of OEM-licensed turbine engine tooling, ground support equipment and aftermarket services across commercial and military aviation markets, Gold said.

Rhinestahl Corporation offers competitive salaries aligned with industry benchmarks within the region, he said.

We asked Gold about the opportunities for being hired at Rhinestahl. Here’s what he had to say:

Q: What’s the biggest challenge facing the company and other such similar companies and how is Rhinestahl uniquely positioned to address that challenge?

A: “Finding talent for our precision machining positions in our Advanced Manufacturing business has been our greatest challenge, but with our partnership with Butler Tech, we are making great headway in training tomorrows talent. In addition, Amy Meyer, VP Corporate Development is the Industry Chair for the Advanced Manufacturing Partnership sector which has as its mission to make students, parents and teachers aware of the great careers in Advanced Manufacturing.”

Q: Some job seekers are concerned about the limits of advancement within a company or an industry. To what degree can your employees advance from entry-level roles to be promoted to greater positions within Rhinestahl?

A: “For employees who demonstrate the desire to learn new skills, have dedicated work ethic and determination to advance, Rhinestahl Corporation is committed to ensuring their continual growth both professionally and personally. Rhinestahl offers tuition reimbursement for college degrees, as well as internal employee training.”

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Q: What’s the most prevalent roadblock that Rhinestahl encounters when it comes to hiring and what can jobseekers do to remedy that situation?

A: “Our biggest roadblock is student awareness of great careers in manufacturing like machining, welding, and industrial maintenance. Students and parents think the only career in manufacturing is through a 4-year engineering degree. Not true. Students with these skills are being hired in to great paying entry-level jobs, and working full-time while starting college. These students have a leg up on advanced skills, an established work history and college tuition that is paid for - the roadblock is not knowing there is another pathway.”

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