‘It was right over my daughter’s bed’: Resident home when shots were fired

Middletown detectives continue to investigate shots fired Sunday night in the South Sutphin Street neighborhood, and one resident says her home was hit by gunfire.

The incident initially began about 7 p.m. near Sutphin and Linden Avenue, according to police. They were told shots were being fired by juveniles in the alley.

Residents on Sutphin, Linden, Arlington reported hearing a series of shots and seeing a group of juveniles on foot, according to the report. One witness said he heard a group of juveniles arguing in the 100 block of Sutphin before the shots rang out.

Six 45-caliber shell casings were found in the 200 block of Sutphin, police reported.

Denise Webb was sitting in her home when she heard the shots. At least one hit an upstairs bedroom window.

“It was right over my daughter’s bed. Thankfully I was the only one home,” Webb said. “I knew immediately it was gunshots ... it was boom, boom, boom, boom and it wasn’t a car backfire.”

She said she then saw a black car speeding away.

Webb said she called the police, who responded quickly. A bullet was found in the room.

“I have to commend them, they were here within minutes,” she said.

Webb said she will be adding security to the residence where she has been living for 21 years.

“We fell in love with this street when we bought our house,” Webb said. “Over the last 12 years it has gotten bad. But it has gotten bad everywhere, not just in Middletown. It is just a shame, what do we have to do to make our children feel safe?”

Sgt. Earl Nelson said video from a resident’s doorbell camera show a group of people walking, with one firing shots from “waist high.” It is not clear if there were others in a car shooting at the time. There were no reported injuries.

The incident remains under investigation.

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