How to vote for which Hamilton streets are paved in 2021 during the final week



This is the final week Hamilton residents have to vote for which residential streets they’d like to see paved in 2021. The voting will continue through Friday.

After Friday, people still can vote, but those opinions will be counted toward sentiment about which streets should be paved in 2022 and afterward.

Friday is the deadline because city officials say it will take a while to determine which streets will be paved and then provide for the bidding of the paving work in the next few months, in time for the work to be performed during the paving months of 2021.

Even with the streets that collect the most votes, it’s not guaranteed that the very top placers will be paved next year, because the city has to take other factors into consideration. For example, if a major utility project is planned in the near future for the street, officials don’t want to pave the roadway, only to have to tear up that new asphalt for a construction project.

Also, Brandon Saurber, director of the city’s Neighborhoods Department and a city spokesman, has said, the city will try to cluster paving projects in areas of the city to reduce the costs of moving heavy paving equipment from one part of Hamilton to another.

But Hamilton officials have guaranteed that by the time the city’s 10-year street-repair levy concludes, each of Hamilton’s 17 neighborhoods will receive its proportion of street paving: A neighborhood that has 5 percent of city roadways will receive that percentage of roadwork.

Residents can vote online at the city’s website,, and can leave voice-mail messages at 513-785-7155. They also can fill out forms that appear in their utility bills, or can complete forms in the lobby of the city-government tower at High Street and Martin Luther King Boulevard.

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