How much did property values increase in Butler County communities?

Things to know about Butler County, including history and facts.

Butler County tax bills for property values that were updated with significant increases were sent out in February, and the deadline to challenge them passed last week.

All 165,000 Butler County parcels were reassessed last year. County Auditor Roger Reynolds was required by law to reassess all properties countywide last year. The average value increase is 14.5%, but increases vary by neighborhood according to recent sales data. The state ordered an average 20% increase, and Reynolds is battling that much of an increase on appeal.

Here’s a look at how values changed by community.

MunicipalityNew total total property value% increase
Fairfield Twp.$1,510,829,70016.2%
Hanover Twp.$609,476,31011.5%
Lemon Twp.$46,418,49032.1%
Liberty Twp.$3,621,495,00015.2%
Madison Twp.$539,922,51016.5%
Milford Twp.$321,548,79011.5%
Morgan Twp.$507,586,51010.1%
New Miami$54,625,46026.8%
Oxford Twp.$266,351,86011.6%
Reily Twp.$293,284,70011.6%
Ross Twp.$703,712,45010.8%
St. Clair Twp.$243,065,58017.6%
Wayne Twp.$386,943,33012.3%
West Chester Twp.$4,446,355,99014.7%