Trump project inspires new Hamilton boutique hotel

The historic Champion Paper administration building, located across North B Street from the Black Street Bridge, likely will become a boutique hotel as part of the gigantic Spooky Nook sports complex.

“That’ll likely be a boutique hotel,” said Sam Beiler, who created the original Spooky Nook facility in Manheim, Pa. “We’ll clean up the exterior of the building under historic guidelines.”

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In deciding how to transform the historic building into an appealing hotel, Beiler said he visited a hotel in the nation’s capitol that also used historic tax credits: President Donald Trump’s Trump International Hotel, which is located in a former Washington, D.C., post office.

“They did some really cool stuff there,” he said about the D.C. building.

“There was one office door after another office door all the way down the (hallway). They just hung these big drapes that covered all of them, except the door you’re supposed to go into the room,” Beiler said. “And then behind there, you can design the room with much more freedom.”

There are certain requirements when renovating a historic building.

“Just one example of the requirements that come with that (is) the hallway that’s in the center of the building has to stay,” Beiler said. “You can’t take it out.”

Also, “all the doors in that hallway have to stay,” he added.

Credit: Christopher Reynolds

Credit: Christopher Reynolds

“We think a boutique hotel is probably the best use for that building, and, boy, that’s a phenomenal building also,” Beiler said. “Really beautiful.”

Bryan Lenehan, a preservationist who has written a book about historic Hamilton buildings, said he is glad the building will find a new use.

“I am glad it is being saved. It would be a tragedy if it was not saved,” he said. “Hopefully, as much of the original mill as possible can be repurposed.”

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