High St. Cafe in Hamilton closed this week, will debut new look and concept Monday

Owners won’t do away with some of their fan-favorite menu options.

High St. Café is undergoing a major change, which will be debuted on Monday.

The downtown Hamilton restaurant will be closed for the rest of the week, reopening on Monday as they showcase their new catering and retail business model.

“This is going to be a totally new vibe,” said Phil Wong told the Journal-News. “I’m doing away with my whole entire eatery menus.”

Alena Wong said the focus will be on catering and retail, which they offer “for any kind of event.” She added the business model and menu aren’t the only things that will be different.

“The inside will look completely different,” Alena Wong said, adding they’ll have comfortable seating for people to enjoy baked foods and coffee, and there will be free popcorn every day.

Phil and Alena Wong have owned and operated High St. Cafe since it opened in June 2015 in downtown Hamilton, and it has become a staple eatery for the city.

What will remain on the menu will be Phil’s award-winning chili, French-style soup, bakery selection, and grab-and-go chips, as well as the popular Chicken Berry Salad (only available on Mondays outside of catering). They’ll also offer drinks.

Phil and Alenda Wong hinted at the looming changes to the restaurant on Facebook, and formally made the announcement via a video.

Alena Wong said in the video that Monday, and every other Monday, will be known as Very Berry Mondays where they’ll offer the locally famous Chicken Berry Salad, where it’s prepared either grilled or blackened.

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