Here’s what happened at last night’s ‘Survivor’ watch party with a local contestant

Enthusiastic fans, friends and family turned out Wednesday night to hang out with Mason resident Angela Perkins for a watch party held at Buffalo Wings and Rings for the CBS series “Survivor: Ghost Island,” on which she is a contestant.

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Perkins worked the room, posing for photos and signing autographs as people settled in to watch the show. Loud ovations occurred each time she appeared on the multiple television screens showing the episode.

She was close to being voted off the Island, which drew several gasps, but when she survived, the crowd roared its approval.

“The support of the people and the restaurant to do this is really amazing,” she said, pointing out the decorative Ghost Island props set up by the restaurant’s staff. “This is exciting for me, and I am happy to see so many people out here enjoying themselves, and I appreciate their support.”

Buffalo Wings and Rings in Mason, 5517 Kings Center Drive, is going to be the site for Perkins’ fan club on Wednesday nights as “Survivor” episodes air this season.

Ed Carlin, general manager, and Tamara Bates, manager, said the watch parties are truly special events and they are happy for Perkins, who used to work at the restaurant.

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“We decided it would be a cool idea to have watch parties here at our restaurant for Angela, who is a former employee,” Carlin said. “You can tell that this is definitely not a normal Wednesday night.”

Bates took the lead on decorating the interior to give it the Fiji look, matching where this season of “Survivor” was filmed.

“Every week it will change and there will be more and more added to it,” Bates said. “Our plan is to stay close to Angela, and she will be here 10 times this season.”

Also joining Perkins at the watch party were Rodger Bingham from “Survivor The Australian Outback (season 2),” Marcus Lehman from “Survivor Gabon (season 17)” and Matt Bischoff, who appeared in “Survivor Caramoan (season 26).”

Bingham joked that he was “the old guy” of the group, but he was excited to see Perkins doing well on the show.

“I tried to borrow some money from her earlier because I figured she’s won but she wouldn’t say,” he said.

Lehman said Wednesday’s episode was a good show and he was glad to see Perkins get plenty of support.

Bischoff was a popular target for photos with his long beard, including one extension dangling below his knee. He agreed with the two other “Survivor” alums in attendance that the experience was well worth repeating.

“Definitely, 100 percent I would do it again,” he said. “I’d leave tomorrow.”

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