Hazing, alcohol issues force another Ohio State fraternity to close

A second fraternity has been suspended at Ohio State University following a months-long ban on all Interfraternity Council activities.

The Sigma Alpha Mu chapter at Ohio state was had its charter suspended by it international parent organization last week, according to an announcement.

The chapter ceased operations immediately on Friday and the length of the suspension was not released, according to the announcement. Both hazing and alcohol problems were cited as the main reasons for the charter suspension.

“Our top priority is to create a healthy and safe environment for our members and to foster a culture of responsibility in our chapters,” said Executive Director Andy Huston. “We simply will not tolerate such violations of policies, expectations and values.”

Sigma Alpha Mu’s demise comes just a few months after Ohio State suspended all 37 IFC fraternities on campus.

In November, OSU suspended all recruitment, new member and social activities but school started lifting suspensions over the last two months. The group Zeta Psi is the only fraternity from that initial campus-wide ban that remains on full suspension, according to Ohio State’s greek life website.

All other fraternities have been approved to again host recruitment events and all but three have been approved to have new member activities again. Ohio State has also approved 29 to begin hosting social gatherings again, according to its website.

In January, Ohio State suspended its Tau Kappa Epsilon chapter for three years after an investigation found violations of the student code of conduct had occurred. The investigation found the chapter was guilty of hazing, endangering behavior and improper use of alcohol, an OSU spokesman said last month.

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