Hamilton Rotary Club moving to new meeting space

After years at local hotel, group will begin meeting at Fitton Center.

The Hamilton Rotary Club will have a new home at the Fitton Center for Creative Arts beginning in January.

“We’ve been at the Hamiltonian/Courtyard by Marriott Hamilton for a long time, and everything has worked well, but we’ve been talking over the last several years as a club, and every year, we always ask, ‘Do we want to change places?” Finally, we just decided to start looking at different venues, and the Fitton Center is a nonprofit organization, and we have a close history with the Fitton Center as far as raising money for the organization, and it just felt like a natural fit to be there,” said Randy Allman, president of Hamilton Rotary Club.

Meetings are every Thursday starting at noon in The Carruthers Signature Ballroom. The first in the new location is Thurs., Jan. 5.

Allman also said the move will provide Rotary members with opportunities before and after each meeting, such as viewing the art galleries or participating in the various activities.

“We felt like it had an appeal for our members to be there at the Fitton Center, at a museum, at a place of art, and that was a big reason,” Allman said. “We really wanted to be in downtown Hamilton, and that’s walkable for a lot of Rotary members that work right downtown, so that was definitely a plus.”

He said, “We looked at four or five possibilities, and the Fitton Center won in the ranking of a bunch of different variables.”

Some of the potential places didn’t have adequate parking, while other possible spaces had catering issues.

“Really, Fitton Center was the winner, in regard to it’s accessible, the parking is easy, and they have a regular caterer they use. So, everything just lined up and made sense,” Allman said.

The club signed a year contract with the Fitton Center, which will be reviewed annually.

During each weekly meeting, Hamilton Rotary Club members have lunch, participate in fundraising opportunities and there’s a program with a presenter. On Jan. 5, the presenter will be Envision Partnerships.

There currently are 103 active members in Hamilton Rotary Club. Hamilton Rotary Club is a longstanding club, which has been in the community for more than 100 years.

“We’ve made a real concerted effort over the last five years to recruit younger individuals into the club and modernize the club. This is a club that is open to anyone who wants to join…We want this to be a club for people who live and work in Hamilton,” Allman said.


The Hamilton Rotary Club is a service organization that supports significant community projects. Go online to hamiltonohiorotary.com to learn more.

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