Hamilton City Schools names its next superintendent

Associate Superintendent Andrea Blevins will succeed Superintendent Mike Holbrook in the 2025-2026 school year.

Credit: Michael D. Pitman

Credit: Michael D. Pitman

Five years ago, Andrea Blevins believed she found her home in the city of Hamilton.

Now, Blevins, one of the two Hamilton City Schools’ associate superintendents, will succeed Superintendent Mike Holbrook, who will retire following the 2024-2025 school year. The school board voted to promote the 20-year career educator Thursday morning.

Holbrook will retire at the end of the 2025 school year after more than 30 years in education.

“I promise to keep our students, staff, parents, community in the center of our decision-making,” said Blevins, a philosophy she’s had for her 20-year career in education. “I’m excited about the potential of our collaboration together, with the board.”

Credit: Michael D. Pitman

Credit: Michael D. Pitman

When Blevins first was hired by the school district to lead elementary programming, she was asked by many outsiders, “How is it?”

Her answer was always the same: “It’s amazing and feel like I found my home.” Then if they asked why was it amazing, she’d say, “It’s the people.”

And those people, from the teachers and administrators to the school resource officers and bus drivers, has proven to her what servant leadership looks like and that “education is not a job, it’s a passion and it’s a mission.”

Blevins, who became emotional when talking about the love and support she’s received from her husband, Curtis, and children, Matthew and Emma, said, “The enormity of the moment is not lost on me” and promised to treat the children and parents of Hamilton City Schools the same, “as if they were my own.”

“I’m a walking example of how education can change an entire person’s trajectory,” said the first-generation college graduate. “I would have never dreamed this would be possible.”

Blevins will work with Holbrook over the next school year on a year-long transition plan and “firmly believe this transition plan is positive, productive and forward-propelling for our district.” Her tenure will begin focusing on collaboration, community, culture, consistency and connection, what she called “five important Cs.” This involves working with city leaders, district staff, parents, students and the community “to help make the city of Hamilton a destination to live, work, play and learn.”

Blevins’ career has stayed in Butler County, working in Edgewood City Schools and Middletown City Schools as a teacher, then moved into education management being either an assistant principal or principal in Middletown and Lakota school districts. She was hired in 2019 in Hamilton as a director of the district’s elementary programming, then promoted to associate superintendent.

Credit: Michael D. Pitman

Credit: Michael D. Pitman

Holbrook said Blevins was “the logical choice” to be the next superintendent, and he believed Blevins was promoted by the school board for similar reasons she was hired five years ago.

“She’s a leader, she’s bright, she’s collaborative, she understands that the solutions to many problems are working with people,” Holbrook said, adding that “we have some really good things going on in the district she’s familiar with, and she’ll continue that.”

Blevins said she wants the community to look out for future opportunities to “help me create the future vision of HCSD.”

“I believe in Hamilton with every ounce of my being,” she said. “I’m humbled by the support, belief, friendship, and passion in this room and in HCSD. A great friend and coach said it the best, clear eyes, full heart, can’t lose.”

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