Gusty winds and warmer temperatures today, snow possible tomorrow

Photo by Marshall Gorby/Staff

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Photo by Marshall Gorby/Staff

After icy temperatures over Christmas and Saturday, the area could see highs up to 48 degrees today. There is a chance of gusty winds that could reach as high as 26 mph in the evening, the National Weather Service in Wilmington said.

The skies today are expected to be sunny, though clouds are likely in the evening. Temperatures will drop as low as 33 degrees and there is a chance of rain and snow overnight. However, accumulation is not expected.

Tomorrow, temperatures will drop as low as 19 degrees, the National Weather Service said. The skies will be cloudy and highs will reach about 35 degrees. The day is expected to be windy.

We may see some more sun on Tuesday, along with more cold temperatures. The evening may be cloudy and temperatures will range from 34 degrees to 26 degrees.

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