From the publisher: You can count on the Journal-News

Thank you for your support in 2020

Credit: Nick Graham

Credit: Nick Graham

To our community:

A lot of us seem eager to leave 2020 behind. And while the year brought fear and loss, it also brought ingenuity, creativity and perseverance from so many in our community. The Journal-News has steadfastly chronicled that perseverance and ingenuity, and we’ve lived it behind the scenes as our own business has faced challenges never seen in our history. Thank you for supporting us through this remarkable year, for subscribing and for reading the Journal-News.

We started 2020 with a major transition from our long-time broadcast partnership to become an independent newspaper business. This would have been challenge enough, but one week into our official new business, the pandemic hit. Within days, advertising revenue plummeted as businesses shut down and events were cancelled; many reporters and editors shifted to working from home; we dramatically changed the processes for newspaper delivery to keep carriers and customers safe; and we launched an all-encompassing effort to provide vital, essential information to help you and this community find a way through what would become a year-long pandemic.

Of course, more major events followed – a reckoning over police and race and the social justice movement it launched, and an election season in which systems and processes changed drastically and deep polarization fractured relationships and bonds. Through it all, we’ve never let up, and neither has this community.

All year the Journal-News has provided incredible local journalism – unique, important coverage that no other media outlet came close to:

  • A coronavirus newsletter, daily coronavirus e-paper and daily coronavirus in-paper tracker, all with the most up-to-date information on the virus and its spread
  • Investigations into how local communities and area businesses complied with state and local public safety orders
  • Inspirational stories of those on the front-lines – health-care workers, teachers and so many others who have faced this test with courage and grace
  • Eyewitness coverage as residents took to the streets throughout our community to protest racial inequality and for justice
  • The most comprehensive election coverage, including every local race and issue, plus unique investigations into how prepared the local postal system and boards of election were for the changes in how people would vote
  • Daily stories of people, businesses and institutions making a difference, right here in our community

Our commitment to this community goes beyond stories. We also used our reach and influence to help local nonprofits stay afloat, providing promotional space, free of charge, so they could get their message out to the community. And through our Community Food Relief effort, you have so far donated more than $20,000 to help the hungry right here in our community. That campaign continues through Jan. 10, so if you haven’t donated yet, please take a minute to do so.

We are devoted to this community. It is our home, our place of business, our past, and it’s our future. We believe 2021 will bring its own challenges and opportunities, and we have plans to increase local news coverage, to double-down on investigative work and to bring more of your voices forward. We will need your continued support as we provide the essential journalism that matters to this community. Thank you for your loyalty and support through this extraordinary year. Together, we will face the challenges of 2021. You can count on the Journal-News.