Franklin teen admits making school threat with fake social media account

A Franklin teen who made a social media threat against the school has admitted to a charge of delinquency by way of inducing panic, a fifth-degree felony.

The Franklin High School student, who is 16, changed his plea from denial to admit during a pre-trial hearing Monday in Warren County Juvenile Court. In the juvenile court system, a plea of denial is the equivalent of a not guilty plea and the plea of admission is the same as a guilty plea in adult court.

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As part of the agreement, the youth agreed to admit to a lower level felony of inducing panic, without the school grounds reference. This reduced the charge from a second-degree felony to a fifth-degree felony.

Judge Joseph Kirby suspended a commitment to the Ohio Department of Youth Services of six months until his 21st birthday; and suspended a 45-day term in the Warren County Juvenile Detention Center, with credit for time already served.

The judge ordered the teen to write letters of apology to Franklin City Schools, Franklin police, and the juvenile court; receive a mental health and medication assessment; be placed on house arrest; perform 25 hours of community service; prohibited from attending school or being on school grounds until authorized by the school administration; submit a DNA specimen; have no access to weapons; not use social media unless for educational purposes; and attend to his daily schoolwork as he is receiving home instruction.

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According to the juvenile complaint filed by School Resource Officer Amanda Myers, the teen created a fake Facebook account and posted a reference to being a school shooter. The teen then showed the Facebook post to school personnel indicating he had received the information from an unknown source, according to the complaint.

The complaint noted while that incident was being investigated, the teen began messaging people referencing “Franklin is destroying his life” and he wanted to start “paying people back.”

In addition, the teen also messaged the Franklin police Facebook page, making accusations of hating kids and having them “eat his meth,” according to the complaint.

The teen later admitted the accusation to school personnel and when interviewed by a Franklin police detective, the complaint said.

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