Franklin man bound over to Butler County grand jury on drug charge

A Franklin man was recently bound over to a Butler County grand jury on a felony possession of methamphetamine charge.

Jimmie Back, 40, appeared for a preliminary hearing Dec. 5 in Middletown Municipal Court on the felony drug charge, for not wearing a seat belt, and for outstanding warrants from the Butler County Sheriff’s Office and Trenton police. He was arrested Nov. 26 during a traffic stop

Police stopped a car in the 600 block of Wilson Street after seeing Back, the front-seat passenger, was not wearing a seat belt and the driver of the vehicle did not use her turn signal. After stopping the car, Back sat in the car for about 20 seconds before exiting and attempted to walk up to a residence, according to police. The officer told Back to come back and did a pat-down search on him.

Police said he admitted that there were outstanding warrants and placed him under arrest. Back asked if he could smoke a cigarette. The officer agreed and got his cigarettes out of Back’s sweatshirt pocket where a baggie containing about 3.95 grams of a crystal-like substance was found.

Police also found a second clear plastic baggie that had 0.95 grams of a crystal like substance in Back’s left front pants pocket and was transported to the Middletown City Jail to be booked on the drug abuse/methamphetamine charge, a third-degree felony.

After additional officers arrived, the vehicle was searched but found nothing else illegal, and the driver was issued traffic citation for the turn signal violation.

Back is being held without bond in the Butler County Jail.

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