Fog expected in the morning, sunny skies during the day

The morning commute could be foggy, but the National Weather Service reports that most of today will be sunny and temperatures will be pleasant. Any fog is supposed to dissipate by approximately 9 a.m.

During the day, the sky will be clear and sunny. Temperatures will range from 78 degrees to 48 degrees. There is a chance of some wind during the day.

Tomorrow, the skies will be partly cloudy, though the chances of rain are low. Temperatures will range from 77 degrees to 55 degrees.

On Wednesday, there are some chances of showers, particularly after 3 p.m., the National Weather Service said. However, chances of rain are low, around 20 percent. The skies will be cloudy and there is another chance of a shower or storm after 2 a.m.

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