Fairfield firefighters rescue the Pellegrino's dog, Conrad, who escaped a backyard after likely chasing deer.

Family dog rescued in dramatic fashion from Fairfield creek

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Conrad, a 9-year-old Golden Retriever, Labrador and Ridgeback mix, was staying with extended family while the Pellegrino family — mom Tracy, dad Paul and children Zoe, 7, and Ruby, 2 — prepared to move.

Conrad, who has been a part of the Pellegrino family since he was 8 weeks old, jumped over a fence at the home where he was staying on July 15 — likely to chase deer that lives in the area, Tracy Pellegrino said. 

The family chased each lead of a possible Conrad sighting that came their way, including a sighting near the Dumpsters at the Fairfield Kroger.

Conrad, a 9-year-old Golden Retriever, Labrador and Ridgeback mix, was found stuck along a creekbed in Fairfield. MICHAEL D. PITMAN/STAFF
Photo: Staff Writer

“I was screaming (for him). I scared a couple people,” Pellegrino said. “I kind of have a loud voice.”

They also followed every piece of advice shared by others who had lost pets: check with the animal shelter, put his leash on the porch, hang something with his scent and clothing with the family’s scent outside.

Nothing worked.

Then on July 17, a man fishing at Pleasant Run Creek saw Conrad stuck on the shore of the creek.

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The fisherman called the police, and the police called for the fire department. Rescue 33 from the Mack Road fire station was dispatched to deploy they rapid deployment craft, an inflatable boat used for water and ice rescues.

“Conrad was a little aggressive at first,” said firefighter Kyle Temple, who was accompanied by firefighter Scott Goller and District Capt. Ray Webber in the rescue mission. “He seemed to be out there for a while and seemed tired. He was laying his head on a rock in between being agitated when we were trying to get him.”

The firefighters were eventually able to secure a strap under Conrad’s legs and after three tries, successfully lift him onto the boat.

“That’s kind of our family,” Pellegrino said. “If we’re going to do it, we’re going to go big.”

Conrad was taken to Animal Friends Humane Society in Hamilton and was scanned for a chip since he lost his collar during his three-day adventure. Pellegrino’s information came up and she was contacted.

The Pellegrinos visited Station 33 on July 20 to thank the crew that saved Conrad, and brought three trays full of homemade treats.

The crew from Rescue 33 at the fire station on Winton Road in Fairfield was dispatched to rescue Conrad, a 9-year-old Golden Retriever, Labrador and Ridgeback mix. The Pellegrino family visited that fire station on July 20 and thanked the crew that saved their dog. MICHAEL D. PITMAN/STAFF
Photo: Staff Writer