Fairfield students get chance to check out career opportunities

Some 1,500 juniors and seniors at Fairfield High School and Fairfield Academy learned about all the job opportunities in their backyard.

Jonathan Jones, a Fairfield High School senior, plans to attend Miami University or the University of Cincinnati after he graduates in 2023 and study graphic design or information technology. Thursday was his chance to “look for opportunities out of high school, just to get on my feet a little bit and just get started in life.”

The inaugural Fairfield Career Fest presented nearly 50 businesses ― many of which were in the city or neighboring communities ― showcased what they could do once they get out into the workforce. And some were looking at the seniors as soon as they graduate high school.

Casee Beckman, site manager of the Fairfield location with Schnieder Electric, said they were looking to fill 20 to 30 wiring tech positions now.

“I would love to get quite a few graduating seniors to come work for us full-time,” she said. “Our business is growing very, very substantially.”

Beckman the students had asked some good questions, including one student who “asked me what my favorite role has been with Schneider Electric, which I thought was great.”

The day was about discovering what was available, and that just because they’re a specific type of company, like a manufacturer, they aren’t just looking for operators of machinery.

“They obviously want to know what the pay looks like,” said Ella Bowling, operations manager for The Fischer Group. “Some of them are interested in what kinds of opportunities there are in a factory, and are the other things than running a line. Are there other things that we do in manufacturing?”

Dr. Bill Rice, Fairfield High School principal, said they’ve been talking about the career fest “pretty heavy” over the past couple of weeks.

“I’ve been blown away from student engagement with employers,” he said. “They’re asking great questions with employers who created atmospheres that are really inviting. There’s something for every one of our kids here today (Thursday).”

With the success, Rice would like to have the event again next spring.

“I knew we’d get the room set (with the businesses), but I wasn’t sure how all-in the kids would be, but they’ve been awesome,” he said.

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