Fairfield city manager retires

Council and Mayor Steve Miller lauded Pizzano with a joint proclamation honoring his accomplishments, such as shepherding the completion of Village Green and the Community Arts Center. This was the first time such a joint proclamation had ever been issued, Miller said. Each surviving mayor who served with Pizzano, including former mayors Ron D’Epifanio and Bob Wolpert, gave Pizzano the key to the city.

Miller struggled to maintain his composure as he congratulated Pizzano.

“With his experience, his dedication and commitment, there’s not anther one like that … it’s just amazing all the things you’ve done since you’ve been here,” Miler said.

Visibly moved by the accolades, Pizzano said he would continue to live in Fairfield. Likening himself to a leaf on a tree, he said, “with regard to my future, leaves don’t drop. They just let go.”

Assistant City Manager Mark Wendling will officially take the city manager position beginning Friday.