Fairfield City Council narrows the list for candidate replacement to 4

Four Fairfield’s Fourth Ward residents to be interviewed to succeed Tim Abbott, who resigned to relocate to Florida.

Fairfield City Council has identified four candidates to interview to represent the city’s Fourth Ward.

Adam Kraft, Dona Canaan, Vivian Paul, and Michael Robert Keller were among nine city residents seeking to succeed Tim Abbott, who resigned on July 1 ahead of his retirement at the end of this month from Duke Energy. Abbott had served on City Council for 14-1/2 of the past 16-1/2 years, and had been the city’s vice mayor for 2022.

City Council met Monday night to review the list of candidates and narrow to a finalists lists. The four candidates will be interviewed near the end of this month. The eventual replacement will be seated at the council’s August meeting.

Abbott said whoever is chosen to succeed him needs to keep an eye on the world economy as they consider decisions.

“In the big scheme of things, we’re a $30 million-plus general fund, nearly a $100 million operating fund. We’re a business,” he said. “Currently, we’ve got a lot of big projects being planned. Just make sure that you take a deep look at the finances and the world economics that are in play, and protect our taxpayers and make sure they’re getting a real value for the taxes that they’re paying today.”

Here is a little bit about the four candidates to be interviewed:

  • Dona Canaan is on Fairfield’s Charter Review Committee. She has experience in the payroll and human resources fields.
  • Michael “Rob” Keller served in the Air Force from 2005 to 2011. He works for Hamilton manufacturer Salvagnini America.
  • Adam Kraft, a College of Mount St. Joseph graduate, earned a degree in nursing and later transitioned into sales. He is the chair of the Sacred Heart Parish Festival’s Bid and Basket Booth committee, and is on the board of directors with Give Back to Kenya.
  • Vivian Paul used to work for the city (from 2008 to 2013) as an assistant manager at the South Trace clubhouse. She is also a former Fairfield Parks Board member and currently volunteers with the city’s Environmental Commission.

The city’s charter allows the council to appoint a qualifying replacement to fill a vacancy on the board, no matter how much time is left on the term to be filled. Abbott’s term expires on Dec. 31, 2023.

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