Edgewood students on bus during crash, none injured

A bus crash in the Edgewood school system temporarily stranded 22 students but none of them were injured, say school officials on the scene.

The crash, which occurred at approximately 2:30 p.m., involved another vehicle at the intersection of SR 73 and SR 503 in Butler County’s Wayne Twp.

The school bus #14 was transporting 22 students home from their class day at Edgewood Middle School when there was a collision with a car at the intersection, said Edgewood Superintendent Russ Fussnecker, who rushed to the scene.

Fussnecker said neither the school bus driver nor driver of the car appeared to be injured.

Butler County Sheriff deputies and Trenton firefighters are on the scene, he said.

Another school bus has arrived on scene, loaded in the 22 students and they are now being driven to their homes, he said.

Photojournalist Nick Graham contributed to this story.

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